Your Photos Are Ready For Viewing!

Shortly after your session, your photographer will invite you to view proofs, or "previews" of your session images, which will be presented on photographer's website in your personal client gallery. Do note that preview images are only minimally processed, because we know you can't wait to see them! You will have the opportunity to select your favorites, which your photographer will later edit for optimal quality*.

Q. How long will I have to wait after my session to preview my photos?

A. Unleashed Photography strives to have your image previews ready approximately 1 week after your session. You will be notified when your previews are ready for viewing. After selecting your favorites, your images will be skillfully edited, then presented for viewing approximately 1-2 weeks from then. Be prepared to wait up to 3 weeks, however, during a busy photography season (e.g. near holidays). Your photographer provides e-mail notifications at each step of the process!

Your complimentary virtual Wall Art Design Consultation

Before you decide if you want your images printed, and in what format (print/metal/canvas, for example), and in what sizes, we highly recommend taking advantage of the complimentary virtual Wall Art Design Consultation that Unleashed Photography offers PRIOR to ordering. The process is low-pressure and fun and will help you to create stunning wall displays while avoiding the frustration that may come with trying to get things to "look right" on your own! To participate, simply contact your photographer with your list of favorite images, and you will be provided with simple instructions to make your consultation a success! You will then meet virtually (by computer or mobile device) with your photographer at an agreed-upon time. (The Wall Art Design Consultation is new offering by Unleashed Photography, you can read more about it here)


You may view our price list here: * OR * Preview a list of our product sizes/prices here

Once you're ready, and your images are prepared, it's easy to order -- in your client gallery, you simply click on the photo you want, then click on the shopping cart icon. A screen will appear that presents all the purchase options, as well as descriptions; you then select the quantity of that image that you want to purchase. You can then check-out, or continue shopping.

If you have an Unleashed Photography gift card or coupon, you will apply it during check-out, so be sure to look for the boxes where you enter your card or coupon code. When you check out, you will be prompted for your information. Eventually you will reach a screen asking you to pay via Pay Pal, but you may also pay with a Discover, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express! During the order process you will see the shipping options, and expected time of delivery.

But wait, there's more!

Shortly after you have completed your order, as a "thank-you" gift, you will also receive a personalized photo gallery mobile app!

We make it easy for you to show off your treasured images!