Who We Are

Suzanne Renfrow

For many years, I've been employed as an electronics technician and have also worked in the field of Information Technology. I have degrees in both fields. Away from work, photography is my greatest passion. Having a technical background, I enjoy employing the various techniques involved in what is the essence of photography - capturing light - and transforming it into a beautiful image. I most enjoy photographing animals of all kinds, including wildlife. I especially love photographing pets and capturing their personalities and antics in addition to their beauty, in whatever shape or form it takes. But more than anything, I love creating images that depict the bond between a pet and the human that loves and cares for it!

Suzie Hansen

My expertise in photography comes from years of being a Freelance Photographer, and earning my Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography. I have also taught photography to college students and through community education programs. Pet Photography is exciting to me because it challenges me to capture the feeling of connection that we humans love about our pets. I love creating visual imagery that reflects an animal’s soul, focusing on their personality and energy.