The Session Package

Q. What does a Session Package consist of?

A. Our Session Package was thoughtfully designed to provide value for our clients as well as deliver an exceptional client experience.

  • First, the package includes a complimentary consultation to learn about your pet and what types of images you envision being captured, and create a plan to make that happen!
  • During the session -- at a location of your choice -- we work to achieve your vision, and will use natural or supplemental lighting to take photos of your pet in a variety of poses.
  • After your photo session, we skillfully post-process the images of your choosing to ensure you will be captivated by them!
  • We have recently added an exciting new service to our session package! Read all about it here (<-- please click)! In short, we will be providing a personalized virtual design consultation that will help take the guesswork out of creating stunning wall art displays! And yes -- it's complimentary!
  • And that's not all -- as a "thank-you" gift, you will also receive a personalized photo gallery mobile app containing copies of images that you have purchased!

We hope the above demonstrates that while Unleashed Photography strives to take technically excellent, creative and captivating images of your pet, we also aim to provide an overall delightful client experience that you won't forget!