Booking Your Session

If you haven't already, please contact us prior to booking your session for a free consultation to determine what type of session will be perfect for you and your pet!

To book your session, navigate to the "Contact" page and simply click on the button to book your session. The scheduling app will walk you through the simple booking process. Please take the time to read the booking and cancellation policies (which will also be covered in your session contract). Note that for outdoor sessions, we prefer sessions in the late afternoon when the light is best (we often use supplemental lighting in our sessions but we get a better variety of shots when natural light is optimal). For Commercial Studio sessions, we have a lot more flexibility but it does depend on studio availability. Be assured we will work with you to find the perfect day and time for your session! Send us a message on our Contact page if you have any questions about booking! We do require payment in full for your session at the time of booking. After you book, we will be in contact with you to confirm your session, and send you our contract with all terms and conditions, which you may digitally sign and return to us. And that's it - you're all set!

Fiona and Buddy