Preparing For Your Session

Ahead of your session: If you have several weeks before your session, it can't hurt to touch up a dog's sit/lay down/stay commands, if possible!

Just before your session: To prepare for your photography session, you will of course want to groom your pet so it is ready for its starring role! You don't have to have your pet professionally groomed, unless of course you want to! But do clean up any eye gunk, and brush dander from the pet's coat shortly before your session. Also, consider the color and type of collar that your pet may be wearing in the photo shoot. We typically do not "photoshop-out" collars or I.D. tags; We recommend that a pet, if it must be on-leash, have a collar and leash that is a neutral color in case it shows in the photos. We highly recommend a thin "show lead" that slips over the pet's head and would allow you to remove the collar. Thin leashes are also easier to remove in photoshop. Longer leashes allow the owner to stand further away when they do not want to be in a shot. If you use a retractable leash, make sure it's one with which you can lock the leash distance. Use a harness if your pet is more comfortable wearing one, but be aware that harnesses are not typically "photoshopped-out," such as with leashes.

For dogs: Before the session, it's a good idea for dog owners to arrive a little early and walk their dog so he or she becomes familiar with its surroundings, as well as "burns off" some energy prior to its session. Just don't allow it to get hot or tired to the point where their tongue is hanging out of their mouth, if possible! And if you have a food-motivated pet, the hungrier it is, the more responsive to treats it will be during the photo shoot! So do not feed your pet a large meal or give many treats prior to the session, please! But do bring an ample supply of treats for the photo session itself. And if you want to bring a favorite toy for your pet, you are welcome to do so.

We do need to consider weather as your booked session approaches; be assured, if we have to re-schedule due to weather, your full reservation retainer will apply to the same-priced session that you book later. As your session date approaches, if it looks like the weather won't allow it, Unleashed Photography will discuss with you the possibility of having to re-schedule, and we will cancel your session and re-schedule you as necessary.