Your Pet's Safety is Paramount

When you book a session with Unleashed Photography, you can be assured that the safety of your pet during its photo session is our top concern! Yes, even more of a concern than getting great photos and having a fun session. While our studio name contains the word "Unleashed" in its name, that refers to our approach to creativity and customizing your photo session based on your vision of the photos you want to capture your pet's personality and beauty!

Now let's talk about the use of leashes during outdoor photo sessions!

Be assured that we will always determine the level of training your pet has prior to the session getting underway. We'll talk about how well your pet can come, sit, stay, lie down, and determine its level of reacting -- or not reacting -- to distractions. Of most significance is if your pet is capable of being off leash. If it is -- great! If not -- we'll work with that! And even if your pet is completely trustworthy of being off-leash, if the location dictates (via signs, local ordinances, etc.) that pets must be on-leash at all times at that location, we will abide by that. Aside from all of those things -- if we are in a location such as near a heavily-traveled street, we will always take the safest approach, which will be to keep the pet on-leash.

So now you may be wondering - why do Unleashed Photography's photos show pets in almost every image WITHOUT a leash, if it sounds like a lot of pets still require one? The answer is: It's the "magic" of Photoshop. When your images are edited (post-processed), a leash can be removed "without a trace" in the vast majority of images where it is desirable. Some examples are shown below.

We hope this helps prospective clients to understand that yes, your pet can be safely on leash during their photo session!

Leash -- No Leash!